Training for Happiness

Humans have always been searching for happiness. But just as everyone has it’s own definition, there are a lot of people who do not know what happiness is.

Training for Happiness was initiated by Ramona si Cristian, two people for whom happiness is the true sense of life: spiritually and practically.

It’s been already 6 weeks since I joined this full of positive energy team. Together, we mix our visions, expertise and sensibility in order to give everyone the possibility not only to understand what happiness really is but also to practice it and to live a fulfilled live on all domains.

Wether we speak about gratitude, love or compassion, we do our best to bring into these meetings the spiritual vision as well as the scientific vision, in a practical and ready to use way.

Because, don’t forget, happiness precedes success and not the other way around.

We are waiting for you every Thursday, at 6:30 pm, Romania time, live, on Facebook!

Do you want to learn how to build your happiness? Come to Training for Happiness.

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