The Isolated Leader

MANAGEMENT is the process of dealing with or controlling things or people. LEADERSHIP is the action of leading a group towards a common goal.

LEADERS inspire others to share their vision, they motivate others to act on that vision and they encourage others and help them overcome obstacles in the pursuit of that vision.

But in times of deep change, LEADERS have to open their perspective and to reinvent themselves.

  • How can I keep my staff motivated, whilst working in isolation, helping them to feel that they are not alone?
  • How can I sustain a nurturing culture?
  • I need to know more about staying connected with peers and subordinates.
  • How can I reassure my colleagues given the level of uncertainty?
  • I need to make sure that I make some time for myself. I lead a large team globally and suddenly work/life has been contracted. It has become easy to allow the laptop to live in every room of the house now…

These are only a few questions of LEADERS we are working with and our development programme is meant to answer by giving a broad intellectual and practical perspective on the best ways to not only cope with change but sustainably building the “after pandemic”.

Jonathan Smith and myself, along with several valuable speakers, we put our expertise together in order to keep growing LEADERS IN ISOLATION.

This programme is a first step in your growth that can be adapted and applied to your specific context, for you, LEADERS, and for your TEAMS.

Here you can watch the first webinar “Motivate Myself“.

To join us or to find a tailor made solution for your specific context, please drop us an email: or

Waiting for you!


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