MANAGEMENT is the process of dealing with or controlling things or people. LEADERSHIP is the action of leading a group towards a common goal. LEADERS inspire others to share their vision, they motivate others to act on that vision and they encourage others and help them overcome obstacles in the pursuit of that vision.

But in times of deep change, LEADERS have to to reinvent themselves.
• How can I keep my staff motivated, whilst working in isolation, helping them to feel that they are not alone?
• How can I sustain a nurturing culture?
• I need to know more about staying connected with peers and subordinates.
• How can I reassure my colleagues given the level of uncertainty?

These are only a few questions of LEADERS we are working with and our development programme is meant to answer by giving a broad theoretical and practical perspective on the best ways to not only cope with change but sustainably building the “after pandemic”.

Jonathan Smith and myself, along with several valuable speakers, we put our expertise together in order to keep growing LEADERS IN ISOLATION.

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PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT THROUGH CRISES LEADERSHIP is conceived for Managers (and their teams) working from home as well as for Managers and Entrepreneurs who’s activity has stopped .

Since 1980, Alvin Toffler, one of the world’s foremost futurologists, was writing in his book „The Third Wave”, about changes that are waiting for us. We have been warned for a very long time that „CHANGE is the only CONSTANT in life” but we are having a very hard time in facing this process.

The isolation will end. The crises will continue.

It is crucial to prepare ourselves on levels that depend on us: psychological, emotional, professional through the crises management and leadership! During 6 meetings, we aim to walk you through the necessary steps allowing you to understand and make yours the process of transformation.

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Training for Happiness was initiated by Ramona and Cristian, two people for whom happiness is the true sense of life: spiritually and practically.

It’s been already 6 weeks since I joined this full of positive energy team.

Together, we mix our visions, expertise and sensibility in order to give everyone the possibility not only to understand what happiness really is but also to practice it and to live a fulfilled life on all domains. Wether we speak about gratitude, love or compassion, we do our best to bring into these meetings the philosophical vision as well as the scientific vision, in a practical and ready to use way.

Because, don’t forget, happiness precedes success and not the other way around!

We are waiting for you every Thursday, at 6:30 pm, Romania time, live, on Facebook!

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