Major Challenge: Employee Happiness

As a Top Manager, I’ve always wondered why, despite everything we are offering to our employees (great packages, career paths, flextime, holidays, training, team buildings, beautiful workplaces, gym, concierge…), people are not as happy as we expect?

It is not the company’s responsibility to make people happy. But as a matter of fact, their happiness directly impacts the company’s turn over and profitability, its culture and reputation. Happy people work better and more, while unhappy people struggle, generating additional costs.

The company’s performance depends on our employee’s happiness.

Innovative Perspective: Inside People

After years of research, I realized that we have missed the most important. The root of the problem. We have focused on everything that is around people, external to them (all these benefits). But we have forgotten what is inside people.

While most of the perks mentioned above are a MUST HAVE for any organization, it doesn’t solve the problem. Because in order for people to be happy with what they are offered, they should first know… how to be happy.

Disruptive Solution: Teaching Happiness

Alina Perrin, Founder

SERMAN INSIGHT has created powerful science-based programs in order to help people and organizations flourish.

Inspired from the latest findings in the science of happiness and well being, we are turning concepts into powerful practical tools aiming to teach people how to be happier.

Masterclasses, workshops, conferences and many tailor made interventions are designed to suit different populations needs. We are focusing on the biases of the mind preventing us from happiness  and on the best strategies to change people’s behavior.

With a 360⁰ approach, we are also insuring the bases for people to flourish by supporting companies in creating and implementing a happy workplace and a happy organization through consulting and targeted strategy.

Outstanding Benefits: Better performance

Happier people are having a better health, live longer, have more friends, are better coping with stress, they are more productive and successful at work, they are better leaders and negotiators.

Happier organizations report less turnover, lower health care costs, fewer mistakes and accidents, more efficiency, greater shareholder value, quicker rebounds in the wake of failures, higher customer loyalty and satisfaction, business growth via word-of-mouth endorsement.

Make the difference

Being taught how to be happy is a priceless and unique gift that a human being can receive. I invite you to offer the best perk ever to yourself and to your employees and to…

Join us in this wonderful adventure named happiness!

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