Performance Management through Crisis Leadership

Since 1980, Alvin Toffler, one of the world’s foremost futurologists, was writing in his book „The Third Wave”, about changes that are waiting for us. We have been warned for a very long time that „CHANGE is the only CONSTANT in life” but we are having a very hard time in facing this process.


1. Managers (and their teams) working from home.
2. Managers and Entrepreneurs whose activity has stopped and who want to take advantage from this period in order to invest their time in developing crises management and leadership competencies.

The isolation will end. The crises will continue. It is crucial to prepare ourselves on levels that only depend on us: psychological, emotional, professional through the crises management and leadership!

During 6 meetings, we aim to walk you through the necessary steps allowing you to understand and make yours the process of transformation. You will learn to act as performant managers, leaders and entrepreneurs do in order to be resilient and overcome change. The key questions we are answering:

  • What do we need to know?
  • What do we need to do?
  • What do we need to practice in order to obtain the desired outcome?

Once again, it is crucial to do it now, in the middle of a completely new change impacting us personally, professionally, financially, socially and economically!

Though, we propose a series of 6 webinars of 33 minutes each that provide solutions for:

1. Understanding and accepting change.
2. Adaptation to new context.
3. Identifying and using key values to transform ourselves.
4. Maintaining the right balance, between professional and personal.
5. Using positive emotion to increase well-being in all life domains.
6. Applicable solution adapted to our teams and business.

Each meeting offer participants the possibility to benefit of a 33 minutes’ individual bonus that will give you the possibility to identify the specific needs of your business and your team.

Together with Ramona and Cristian from Profit BY Leadership, we are waiting for you!

Please register here and let’s find together the opportunity in the midst of change!


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