I am not Happy. I am Bharat.

I am at 8 000 meters in the air. I just left Berlin after having spoken to an international conference and I am heading to Bucharest. I am too tired to sleep. I open the book that I grabbed at the airport and start reading. It is the last Paolo Coelho and I am curious to see how his business model evolves. I am quickly caught in the story and I want to turn the page. The guy next to me stops me touching my arm:

Hold on one second! I didn’t finish the page.

I chuckle and look at him. It is already so funny that a man reads my book! But a book called Adultery…!

There are 3 wrong words on the book’s cover, says the strange passenger next to me. Sometimes, you and yourself

Who put this guy next to me?! I mean generally, in the plane, you don’t have people speaking out loud about the existential questions I am trying to answer. It looks like a set up… I am mind-blown. His sentence is so unexpected but, at the same time, so in line with what I am studying for months. We are already landing and I tell him that I absolutely want to speak with him. He can’t. He is in transit. He has to continue his trip. We exchange phone numbers and one year later I decide to contact him.


I would love to know more about you. What is your story!

He welcomed my question with a big laughter that I heard again several times during our conversation.

Difficult question… I usually don’t tell my story. It creates an image of me in your head and I don’t want it. You will look at the experience trying to understand the future. Like a rule book. Learning from someone else’s experience is not good. Everybody feels differently. This image is an illusion that you experience in an imaginative way and you convince yourself that you know what is happening. But you don’t. It won’t bring the real you outside. I want people to be free of any information.

When you borrow knowledge and follow it, you behave as a machine, not as yourself anymore. There is no experience without an experiencer meaning an observer and if that experiencer is faulty, then his/her experience will also be faulty. Hence, one should not take someone else’s experience as an example to learn from.

Not bad for a beginning… I am whispering without having a clue about where this interview will end.

If you ask me questions, I can answer. But I can give you some things. Let’s see.

I have changed 12 schools in 12 years…

I am quite shocked but I don’t say a word. I want him to continue. And he does…

Since the 6th grade, I started to live alone. I was a paying guest. You know in India you can rent a room from a family who is also providing you the food.

Why would you do that?

My father was a commander in the Navy. I grew up among officers. Discipline and all. Then he became the Deputy for the sports in the city. I played lot of sports and I did competitions. But I cannot swim.


No water!!!! We were in the desert…

Right… Silly question! I laugh with him.

Some time later, my father became the head of the police in Jaipur. Jaipur has the same population as Berlin. He is a very educated man, the highest qualified among the officers. He is retired now. So is my mom. She was a school teacher.

As far as I’m concerned, I kept moving. The longer I stayed in South India, for 4 years, 2 in Bangalore, I had a break of 2 years, and then I came to Germany for my Master in Mathematics. Now I am working as a Research Assistant. I used to work in electronics, software development and artificial intelligence.

 Finally, something more familiar to me!

Oh, and I am a healer. When the doctor says no, you ask me.

Here we go again…

There are 2 years missing in my life. I slept.

You slept…?!

I was not in the coma but I have been sleeping 18 hours per day. I had a brain problem. I got infected. I have eaten something and a bacterium died in my left parietal lobe which pressed some of the nerves. I lost control over my right hand. The doctor gave me 3 sleep pills per day.

Nothing else…?

Sure. I had two slipped discs in my back. L4 and L5. The doctor said that if I don’t have surgery, I will be paralyzed next month. I didn’t do it and I am playing tennis…

That’s so… you!

I am wondering how did your parents manage a kid like you?

It was horrible! I was the ideal student in childhood. Number one in everything at school, in sport, music, dance. I had no stage fear. But I don’t want them to feel pride. This is ego. I must’ve been 8 when the parents of my friends were telling their kids You have to be like Bharat! I didn’t want them to compare. Those kids were my friends. So, I stopped doing those things. Mom still wonders if I will have fame and money. And I know I can. But I don’t want to. My parents tried to teach me to follow the rules. It turns out that I don’t follow any rule. I just do what I want. No attachments.

Then what is your meaning? Your purpose in life?

No meaning. I am just having fun. And here is the funniest thing: the humans want to make juice out of everything. They want to calculate and weight everything. This is silly.

When did you discover that you can heal?

First time, in 2008. I was in the house of a senior officer. I saw him doing it and asked him what it was. He introduced me to some techniques of chakras and energy healing. I tried to apply it on some friends and it worked. But once again, I didn’t follow the rules. I understood that the energy is science, not magic. Everything is energy. What you see is an illusion. In science. If you see a tree, the tree does not exist. Light falls on the tree and arrives to the cornea…

Right. The light reflected on an object is transmitted to the occipital cortex which processes the visual information and transform it into a clear image. Then, the occipital cortex transmits it to the hippocampus which is thought to be the center of emotion and memory.

That is the human’s problem. They are using their memory. They are only focusing on one part of their potential. They are so egocentric! They don’t want to accept that, to see that the memory matches the memory. Just like computers. When you see a friend, you have an image. It is like the facial recognition, using the same pattern as the artificial intelligence. Each single pixel of an image matches with the rest in the brain. They use the machine part of the brain. They think like machines.

But if you close your eyes, there is no light to reflect. There are only atoms, particles and combinations of frequencies. If you go inside the atoms, you have protons, neutrons and electrons. But 99% of it is space! Like the universe. You are empty! But empty is full… And this is the magic of the universe!

What could then… humans do?

Break the pattern! Realize that it takes nothing to do anything. Observe! Everything happens spontaneously.

People keep on refusing it. Everyone has a pattern of thinking. You can try. Ask questions and you can see their behavior. Ask the question differently, they will behave the same.

With kids, you cannot predict the answer. They give unexpected answers because they have no pattern yet. They are free. They are not conditioned.

The conditioning is the biggest problem. So foolish! Observing and accepting make you realize that it dissolves. There is nothing. You don’t need to do anything… It is magic. This is only the mind game. You are fighting against the mind. Who is doing this? The mind. There are two sides of everything. Duality and confusion and fight…

Knowing all that, are you happy? In human terms…

I am Bharat, I am not happy.

What does that supposed to mean?

Ideology… As soon as you ask a question, you wait for an answer. But there is always a second side. I told you. It is an illusion of the mind. Happiness and sadness cannot go without each other and they cannot live together. They cannot meet but they cannot get separated. Feeling happy or sad are just reactions in your head, thought driven. Hormones. Those are outside information. Whatever comes from outside is temporary. Take the smell of the flower. It is coming from inside. The flower doesn’t bloom for you or me, it just does because it is its own nature. What is natural is free, endless, timeless, beautiful and magical.

I would prefer not to answer your question. It makes no sense to me…

Do you remember what you have told me in the airplane?

I remember everything. You were on my right side. On my left there was this girl who ordered lasagna. It took a long time and she expressed her anger speaking English with a strong accent. You were reading the book. The text on your book’s cover was: Sometimes you have to lose yourself to discover who you really are. I told you that there were 3 wrong words: sometimes, you and yourself. If you remove sometimes, it remains you have to lose yourself. Are there really two things, you and yourself? It is your mind that creates the illusion. You just are. You and yourself is one. What are you losing? You can just laugh about it…

You really are a non-conformist!

What is conformist and non-conformist? As long as there is a division, there is a fight. I am not with or against. What I feel, I do. I won’t change for others. If the change is necessary, it will happen by itself and this change will be harmonious and natural as it is free from any external conditioning. Many people are taking sides. This is identification.

When you stop thinking, it feels good, it goes within harmony. Free of thoughts, your mind is like the nature. Thoughts create time. When there is no time, it’s timeless. When you are in the flow, you don’t see the time. That’s the magic.

How do you know all those things?

I studied because I loved it. I did everything because I just wanted to. I am born learner. I can learn anything. The only question is whether I want it or not. I want rainbow in life, not just black or white.

My last question is a reversed one: do you have any question for me?

My little one interrupted during the interview. No pattern. No conditioning. Unexpected behavior…

Not a question. More of a piece of advice. Talk to your daughter slowly.

Go with the time. I am a stranger but the way you speak, she will grasp it. Kids learn the importance of the pause in between, in doing things. Kids love their grand-parents because they are slow, not in a hurry. That relaxes them. You don’t have to run after anything. Everything comes at its own pace.

To keep the darkness away the light candle must be lightened up. With one candle you can light another candle. You don’t have to do anything. Anyone can see the light in you. This is how magic works. Waking up people… In a way, now I answered your question.

Take your own decisions. The answers should come from inside. Bloom the flower so that everyone can smell it and feel it. The flower within you. Nobody did nothing. Everything just happened. Effortlessly…

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