What you seek is seeking you could be the quote of my life. As a young adult I didn’t know what I wanted to do in life. To be happy, could’ve been already the answer.

But no one taught me happiness at school..

So I went to university to look for my way in life. I loved studying journalism as I loved writing. But it wasn’t enough. I switched to political science and I got fascinated by the affluence of perspectives in human sciences. That fascinated that I had my first diploma at the University of Bucharest an than the second one at the Institute of Political Studies in Paris. Sciences Po for the connaisseurs. And the second one came with a double major in Human Resources.

The human was the key.

For the next 15 years I dedicated my time and energy to more than 8.000 people. First in Renault and Accenture, than for a very long time, in L’Oréal. Romania, France and Italy became my home as I lived there for many years. Human resources, sales and marketing made me evolve as they are the fields I have worked in.

But something was still missing. I was not truly happy. Neither most of the people I came across…

Happiness became the second key.

Alina Perrin, Founder

At 40, I stopped everything and asked myself the right questions. My pursuit of happiness has begun. I started writing a lot to challenge my own ideas and my own vision of the world. I read all the literature (neurosciences, psychology, philosophy, history) I could find on happiness.

I took classes in Princeton (Buddhism and Modern Psychology), Pennsylvania (Positive Psychology), Yale (The Science of Well Being), University of California (The Foundations of Happiness at Work) and University of Chicago (Understanding the Brain: Neurobiology of everyday life)…

I gave conferences in Romania, Spain and Germany.

Than I realized that for people to be happy, they should already know how to be happy…

But did anyone taught people how to be happy?

SERMAN INSIGHT is born from my pursuit of happiness. Because happiness can be learned and built, I want to offer people the same tools that made me so much happier in and about my life.

  • SER from being (latin) and protect (Proto-Indo-European).
  • MAN from human (Proto-Germanic&latin).
  • IN for everything we hold inside without even knowing it.
  • SIGHT for the way we see the world at our own manner.

What I was seeking, eventually found me.

Building my own happiness and teaching others how to do it, this is my true meaning!

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